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Mar 4, 2014 11:30pm PST
the stretch. here is curry on on defense. he flips it up and in. absolute prayer is answered. thompson was the man down the stretch. warriors hit a jumper and paul george ties it as the pacers go on a 12-0 run. the fennel seconds and who are you -- the final seconds and who are you going to? a turn around jumper and 98-96 and warriors with the last chance. .6 left on the clock. george almost wins it with a three pointer. warriors by a deuce. the only team to beat the heat and the pacers on the road this season, 98-96. the sharks are back home for the first time after the olympic break. ties it up at one uh pies. one apiece. it ends a drought and 2-1 team teal. the second period and nobody is watching. on to over time and make it back to back starts for the first time in his career. 32 saves, but he couldn't stop harrison right there. when we come back. the giants' number one starter puts up more zeros and a milestone for a stanford man. how many wins in how many years? welcome to the farm of jack. there's a curly fry tree. and a chopper out back. there's a barn full of buns. and a thin
Mar 1, 2014 9:00pm PST
today. they have to replace 12 starters six on defense six on offense. last season tyler gaffaney accounted for 59% of stanford's rushing yards. he was so tough to bring down. he finished with more than 1700 yards on the ground and 22 touchdowns. it'll be tough filling his shoes. coach shaw says there are a number of good replacements. >> it's been good. you know? i saw the -- it's been very steady. he's made some big runs. wish i had a couple guys to become big play running guys and barry sanders and kelsey young, you know, those two guys made some big plays. short games, running games. i really like the group right now. we'll see how it plays out the rest of the spring. >> at the honda classic there were plenty of birdies along with a few duckies and even an eagle from 150 yards out. russell inly with the shot on 14. the shot of the day. kept the pressure on the leader rory mcelroy with this birdie from the fringe on 17. 68 today puts him just two strokes off the face. mcelroy trying to create a wire-to-wire victory. 69 today has him 12 under par. a win tomorrow would be his fir
Feb 25, 2014 7:00pm PST
? >> this is not an issue. it does not affect the stability of the bridge. >> once gerngs caltrans is on the defensive over the latest issue of the new bay bridge. revelations the decks are misaligned in ten places on the suspension portion. >> we're talking about is at most, an eight millimeter difference between two decks. public does not feel or see this whatsoever. >> taken alone, it may not be a big deal but on the heels of the other issues... >> i have seen enough to say we should pull back and look at the whole thing, again the risks are significant. maybe acceptable. maybe they're not. >> caltrans says 30% of the 2600 small bolts on the suspension portion are leaking. >> it's supposed to rain this week. that may yield informs. >> as for those giant broken bolts, discovered last year, caltrans maintains those that fail have had been retro fited and tests have so far revealed no additional problems. on treasure island abc7 news. >> a couple accused in the death of a 3-year-old napa girl pleaded not guilty to charges. sarah krueger and her boyfriend are charged with murder. in courted today, prosecuto
Feb 28, 2014 7:00pm PST
firing coast to coast here. and play a little bit of defense. 20 at half, presently with 23 points the former new york david lee with a one hand and all status you can tell by the highlights. former college player is their back up goalie. didn't have to get in the game. and shepherd with his second of the year tieing it up at one. buffalo retakes the lead in the third. it's 2-1, sabres. sharks lose 4-2. if you believe in conspiracies looks like something fishy went down. david wright rallied in the wee hours of the morning to defeat eric soguard m that twitter contest. leading some to believe they didn't want their relative unknown beat out a star. it took a 25,000 vote to give wright the narrow victory. if there are hanging chads on twitter we'd be examining them now. the rest of the giants beat milwaukee 4-3. tiger woods in danger just missing the cut today. enjoying round two waiting for someone to walk by. that is brandon dejong. trailing rory mcelroy. looks like his old self again. he's atopt leader board and has the lead going into the weekend in a pga tour event. abc7 sports
Mar 3, 2014 9:00pm PST
a smartphone. the boeing black is supposed to be ultra secure. it's designed for defense and security groups. the phone will hold encrypted data that will be hard it hack and will have a self-destruction option that goes off when someone tries to pop open the case. >>> well, one of jesus' miracles in the bible was to turn water into wine, right? well, as an entrepreneur says, he has created a device that will let you do the same thing. here's a look at the miracle machine. phillip james, the inventor, says the device can make wine in just three days. you put in water, grape concentrate, and yeast, the device ferments it, regulates it, and gives it flavor. customers can pick the kind of wine they want. james plans to launch the kick-starter campaign next week. he says the ingredients will cost you $2 but will create the equivalent of a $20 bottle. don't know if it will take on wine country any time soon. certainly an interesting concept. >>> still to come tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00, a battle of beasts caught on camera. really remarkable images. the rare pictures showing one of nature's top
Feb 25, 2014 9:00pm PST
of the bridge. >>reporter: once again cal-trans on the defensive over the latest issue on the new bay bridge. revelation that the lower deck misaligned in 10 places on the suspension portion. >> what we are talking about when we say miss alinement is at most an 8 mm. difference between the 2 decks. the public does not feel this or see this whatsoever. >>reporter: he says ting taken alone the misalignment may not be a big deal but on the heel of all the other issues. >> i have seen enough over the last two years to say we should pull back and look at the whole thing again. the risk are significant. maybe they are acceptable. maybe they are no not. >>reporter: among the risk cal-trans says 30 percent of the 2600 small bolt on the suspension portion are leaking. >> supposed to rain this weekend that might field additional information how it gets natural barrier rail. >>reporter: giant broken bolt discovered last year cal-trans maintenance all those that failed have been retrofitted and pass on remain dear so far revealed no additional problem problems. on treasure island, abc 7 news.
Feb 28, 2014 9:00pm PST
at tomorrow son. harassing carmello. back up the other way. steff give it to the guys who played defense. thompson knock down a 3. warriors roll. after wining in phillies the shark shuffle off to buffalo face the last place saber who have their number and traded star goalie miller to st. louis so short handed. had to suit up the video scout. he's a former college player the back up goalie. did he not get in the game which povb hilarious. first period power play. shark answer here. shephard off the edward miss and this ties it up at 101 and that has right between the leg there. buffalo in the third. flynn off the face off. oh. a little late. then 3ment later. tyler myers to matt in front. and sharks got to be disappointed losing to pretty poor buffalo team. sharks fall 4-2. if you believe in conspiracies and i do then it looks like something fishy went down as mets third baseman wright rally in the wee hours of the morning to defeat oakland eric in the face of major league twitter contest. he was in front dan until the final 15 minutes of voting. it was 4:45 am west coast time
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7